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Business Analyst ResumeMobile Telephony Network Engineer


George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”  I believe life is a combination of finding, designing, and redesigning ourselves. I also believe that I must continue designing and creating myself through multifaceted active participation with a business analytics approach that is iterative to be an effective and useful social contributor.

  • Instinctively and successfully analyzed small and enterprise business systems for the consistent ability to perform functions and train colleagues on integrated systems as a part of multiple project initiatives.
  • Consistently pursued conquering milestone obstacles to meet and/or exceed project expectations with around a 90% success rate.
  • Persisted with the belief that failure is not an option while learning that failing fast is the opportunity to adapt and adjust with valuable lessons learned that may extend progress towards the goal.
  • Pursued multiple approaches to initiative challenges by analyzing systems and engaging resources for a joint effort to succeed by educating myself with analyzing their processes and needs.


Associates in Database Administration and Health Information Technology

Pierce College Puyallup 

My college journey from 2013-2016 gave me the opportunity to redesign myself by capitalizing on the chance to hone my soft skills for team collaboration efforts while helping cohorts learn what I gleaned from the education process.

Career Accomplishments:


My contribution to the Department of Enterprise Services was a pinnacle opportunity of the educational journey augmented my career’s anecdotal observations. Performed as a central contributor to push the project through to around a 90% completion. This milestone occasion began as an internship contract that transitioned into a contract extension where I could apply what I learned by:

  • Utilizing learned concepts of Tuckman’s stages of forming-storming-norming-performing group development as an active conversation tool to capitalize on individual strengths while encouraging identified moments to rise above weaknesses.
  • Interpreting stakeholder needs for Project Management goal alignment.
  • Coaching fellow colleagues using learned concepts, theories, methods, and tools to analyze how we can meet stakeholder requirements.
  • Learning the EFI DirectSmile Digital Storefront product to design and build the end-products required by the customers and knowledge-sharing with colleagues.
  • Applying my HTML5, CSS and JavaScript lessons for web interface product deployment for customer experience.
  • Learned and applied Adobe InDesign for product development.
  • Analyzing the usability study results to improve our original interpretations of what the customer needed.
  • Implementing interim necessary applications to help streamline functional-group communication processes using:
    1. SharePoint enhancements for point-and-click features
    2. Airtable
    3. Trello
    4. Podio


During my eventful participation in this organization, I engaged in a telecommunication fulfillment effort to address power redundancy upgrades that were necessary because of equipment integrations for client business continuity goals. Some of my responsibilities included researching, identifying, coordinating, and implementing field tasks for completion to meet industry standards for compliance.


It was a landmark adventure with WirelessWerks to experience the practical application of orchestrating, organizing, configuring and integrating wireless communication equipment during upgrades, installations, and the decommissioning of Global System for Mobile (GSM) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) network nodes through command line interfaces (CLI) and graphical user interfaces (GUI) using various TL1 commands. Additionally, I used various propriety mobile vendor programming languages to achieve the project goals. I transitioned into being responsible for coordinating team deployment while offering interim collaboration solutions using Google Apps and cloud solutions to solve project challenges as the organization analyzed total cost of ownership for a permanent collaboration and workforce management tool for Verizon Wireless project implementation and equipment integration.


AT&T was an apex career experience where I learned how to monitor, regulate, calibrate, and analyze network node trouble in the Wireless Network Control Center for national Nortel wireless mobile switches. I was responsible for analyzing and coordinating with team members to streamlined network outage processes, assist outage management teams with critical information to help facilitate effective time to repair. I moved to a higher-level functioning group to assist with higher level network operation goals. This contributed to their need to overhaul Operations process and procedures in trouble resolution.

Below is a clickable button that will take you to a site called The Brain is a collaborative, interactive, and engaging versatile platform that takes mind mapping to a new level with a simple drag and drop interface. It can be modified on the fly with the web interface or it can be configured in more detail from a local workstation application tool.

I am not affiliated with this organization other than an avid customer who is very excited about their innovation. Their platform was discovered during my college journey when I needed a simple method beyond OneNote to organize, categorize, and share (if I want to). Since my first year in college, several brains have been created. The button below was created as an example of the power it has to offer.

Click to view my brain.
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