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cdeputy SWOT Analysis

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cdeputy SWOT Analysis
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Steve Jobs is quoted, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

Most of my career has been a series of trouble isolation for error resolution. I believe that some of the most notable lessons learned are founded from mistakes.

My journey through college has been an exercise in learning how to apply the theory of communication in different systems. What am I communicating (transmitting) and what am I hearing (receiving)? Am I interpreting what I am hearing properly and can I translate that into an application that will have a meaningful use for my customers?

darts-102919_960_720I believe that every stakeholder has a need to believe that a solution should have meaningful use to their role and responsibility while it may be challenging to understand the needs of other stakeholders that may be internal or external. How can we conquer the potential objections? defines a command interpreter as a system component that understands and executes instructions that have been entered by a user or program. They also define a codec as a system element that performs data compression and/or conversion.

My career background combined with my education has afforded me the ability to perform as a systematic combination of being a command interpreter and codec for project implementation.

It is exciting to consider the possibilities that we can achieve together with synergistic and energetic teams who are working towards streamlining project discussions to recover from mistakes quickly so we can move on to new innovations effectively.

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