Chris Deputy Portfolio

Awakening to the ethics of humanity and moving with intent towards leadership with attunement

Code of Ethics

I commit to being an agent of #change, a diligent #citizen that fosters a belief in hope so the future leaders of our communities can choose to learn from my mistakes so they can forge the path for their future needs. ” – Christine Deputy

As an active participant in specific communities within our society, I believe that establishing reciprocal unions involves:

  • Upholding a culture of safeguarding people’s right to tranquility
  • Supporting and regarding people’s right, need, and desire for safety, security, and privacy. This involves diligent consideration that supports and regards people’s effort for this need and does not infringe on the rights of other’s humanity and need for the same
  • Elevating people, through shared knowledge, lessons learned, and resources as best as possible, with deliberate effort not to enable but empower
  • Guaranteeing my commitment to recognize every person’s right to liberty, including myself for all future generations of people
  • Accepting the obligation to continue learning and growing in a cyclic fashion that builds the best effort example of striving to be professional with integrity in a unified method that works to be the best citizen I can be