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Targeting your requirements to meet your customer values. The harmony to your team's melody.


Microsoft Database Fundamentals MTA


I commit to being an agent of #change, a diligent #citizen that fosters a belief in hope so the future leaders of our communities can choose to learn from my mistakes so they can forge the path for their future needs. ” – Christine Deputy

Computerized networks and systems have been a natural fascination. This instinctive curiosity was born when I taught myself DOS so the computer would play sheet music to hear how the composition should sound when I was playing it. Since then, I have remained intoxicated with machine learning and analyzing methods for automation.

It is my belief that technology is a symphony, not a solo performance. Even though solos can touch our souls, inspiration can be enhanced through an orchestra of various talents and skills that produce audience masterpieces in a harmonious manner.

Choosing my diversified capabilities as a resource for your endeavors will assist with pulling your team’s strategic practice into the direction you seek for a best-in-class product that strives for a standing ovation performance.


Business global initiatives involve embracing the need for cultural variety so business entities can be an authentic example of what sets them apart from their competition.


Cultivating my self-improvement for an endless effort to recognize and create a benevolent participant that understands everyone’s need for safety, security, and acceptance.

Integrity and Authenticity

Perform with ethical sincerity that is demonstrative of a fair attitude for an inclusive behavior that gives credit to others while holding me accountable by being a solid resource.


Operating with the very best ability to teach others with the lessons learned so community members have the chance to feel connected to their cross-functional groups with how we do what we do in order to succeed.

Citizenship & Stewardship

Acting with a creative and optimistic sense of responsibility with every impacted entity so we can collaborate in unity for the effort of mastery.


Possessing an unwavering drive to seek information while being transparent and open with what has been learned so people have the freedom to flourish as a group so the organization remains competitive.



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