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Moving with intent towards leadership with attunement



I commit to being an agent of #change, a diligent #citizen that fosters a belief in hope so the future leaders of our communities can choose to learn from my mistakes so they can forge the path for their future needs. ” – Christine Deputy



5685196980_e98f2a02c6Think With Compassion

I believe in cultivating my self-improvement for an endless effort to understand everyone’s need to be seen, heard, and understood and that requires a willingness to be curious.

Jump Into Willingness

This means that it’s necessary to be willing to continue being inquisitive while accepting that mistakes will be made that I am accountable for.

Lean Into Accountability

Leaning into lessons learned is an opportunity to turn weaknesses into strengths and sharing what I have learned to empower others is essential.

Communicate To Be Empoweringempower

Operating with the intent to teach others what I have learned is vital so they have the opportunity to grow too and that makes collaboration an important responsibility.

Collaborate With Citizenship & Stewardship

Behaving with a sense of responsibility builds necessary trust so people can collaborate together to move towards mastery by sharing knowledge.

640px-knowledge-sharingShare Knowledge

Being transparent and open with what has been learned is key so people have the freedom to flourish as a community in attunement.

Leading With Attunement

My goal to lead with attunement is not by pulling from the front or pushing from behind, but sitting with the members of the community so they have the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood.


cdeputy SWOT Analysis
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Thank you for the life lessons, Peter Halay. You are missed. RIP dear friend.

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