At 04:00 AM Thanksgiving Day, I awoke after a restless evening. Checking my messages, I found a text announcing that Lloyd Edwin Richmond has been found guilty of the murder of Justin Allan.

#LloydEdwinRichmond found guilty. Source:

Several of us have endured years of being unseen, unheard, and misunderstood as a result of the lies he spread to cover up his crimes. We have had to learn to accept the violations we experienced at the hands of Lloyd would go unpunished and our stories would be unheard.

We do not need to suffer in silence anymore. Society has moved forward beyond the silent generation’s conditioning that we must accept that ‘boys will be boys.’ Furthermore, it is understood that Lloyd was not discretionary with whom he victimized. We know how violent he can be. We know how abusive he can be. We know how skilled he can be with playing a victim of his victims and how he enjoys claiming that he won’t be believed.

It is true that Lloyd has collected a host of flying monkeys that he has used as pawns for his benefit. There’s very little we can do to change their minds about his character when we know what we have been through. We know the years it has taken us to try to move forward through the wounds he created in so many of us. They do not get to have a say about what did or did not happen to us because they were not there.

There have been several of us that have experienced dismissive and harmful sentiments about the abuse and assault Lloyd doled out on us while he made excuses knowing that we would not be believed if he made the right play. Time has run out for him and he is finally caught and this time, he couldn’t hide what he did.

Lloyd can no longer stalk us, sit in front our homes to terrorize us, show up uninvited at our doors, or lay a single grubby hand on us. Some of us have spent an entire lifetime trying to navigate through his malicious coercive malignant narcissistic behavior and it is my intent to let you know:


Just in case this is the first time you’re hearing about this, here’s a little backstory of this case.

“A friend of Richmond reported the man told her “it was self-defense,” “no one would believe him” and that he planned to leave town and travel as far south as he could.”
“Two years ago, Richmond beat a woman with a tire wrench, and about a month later, he grabbed a tenant by the throat, according to the charges.”
“Witnesses reported hearing gunshots the day the tenant went missing. According to court papers, a neighbor saw Richmond get a gray tarp, “wrap something” in the driveway and load it into the bed of his Dodge pickup. The neighbor later saw Richmond spread some type of “litter or absorbent” to cover up a red stain on the driveway.”

How many victims are there? I know there are several because I found the boxes of photographs that he had of his sordid escapades. One of you was someone I reported to during my time at a company.

Please know that this is our opportunity to finally be heard. I know this is a huge ask and I know this is not easy. What he did to us is not easy to talk about and the mental games he played on everyone was gaslighting, manipulative, and insidious.

You do not need to reach out to me if you do not want to. You can if you desire. I’m willing to listen. You are not alone.

If you do want to add your story to the list of his victims, please reach out to the Snohomish County police department and ask to speak to detective #1587.

I know of several of you that have been victims including those that were adult family home patients at the Del Campo home when my mother was still alive. I do know that one or more of you lived in that home and that you heard when he beat my Mom up because she tried to confront him about the sexual abuse he was grooming all of you for.

This is not easy. At the same time, you deserve to be heard, to be seen, and to be understood.