This is not funny. If it’s a joke–I don’t get it. In fact, this is abusive.

Someone shared this in a forum and the conversation strings are interesting. Our myopic perceptions combined with myside bias are stunning.

One person claims that the boomers are the last great generation. Another demands that they have ‘never’ met a GenX person that had a problem with GenY or GenZ. From my perspective, there are several good examples of GenX personalities that are quick to make disparaging statements about GenY and GenZ and there is a gap. “Starting shit where it doesn’t exist,” is flawed because the “shit” does exist.

Another is demanding that GenX is who raised these “sussies.”

How is any of this helpful? I’m not participating. I’m observing because jumping in without observing where people are going with their perceptions will only serve to complicate the discussion.

As a GenX person, I’m enthralled with GenY and GenZ because they are willing to discuss and explore feelings. The sentiment that “feelings don’t belong at work,” is antiquated and false. Feelings have everything to do with our work.

Economic experts have published studies that, at large, we tend to make financial decisions based on emotions. We don’t like to admit that we are emotional beings, though, do we? It implies weakness and weakness is considered a bad thing according to toxic generational conditioning that enjoys some toxic views of male masculinity and female femininity.

This groupthink othering is how we ended up with the problems we are struggling with today in every system we are a part of and it divides us rather than unites us.

Our egos are fragile and we armor up to protect our vulnerabilities so we can continue to believe what we want to believe. There’s no point in jumping into an emotionally charged conversation filled with people that would rather listen to reply.