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Lloyd has several personality traits that support why he would have murdered Allan. Lloyd, historically, has blamed his victims for his lack of ability to regulate his emotions. Lloyd frames his victims as being ‘crazy’ or having a personal agenda that justifies what he does. He’s adept at shifting the focus to his victims.

When Narcissists Play The Victim Card (And Virtually All Do)

The following video is important to keep in mind. Lloyd shields himself well with a convincing facade of being a law-abiding citizen. He is not. Look into his electronic records. If the Washington State FBI were to look for his trophy box as well as his electronic history logs, they may find more that is involved with his murder case and the depth of his sinister character.

What Lloyd is trying to convey is that he was helpless in maintaining control of his emotions. My argument is, he has always had a volatile temper and he has always been capable of murder. A couple of his victims have been avoiding him because they were afraid of him. Another victim who experienced trauma-bonding from him has been terrorized by him for years.

Lloyd is a very calculated killer. There’s more to his story than this one incident. There are several of us that have been violated by him. Lloyd needs to remain behind bars for the rest of his life. Every single one of his victims deserves to see that happen.

3 Examples of Narcissists Who Play the Victim

If any of Lloyd’s victims can come forward, I stand with you. If Lloyd remains behind bars for the rest of his life, you will be safe from him. We have the power within ourselves to make sure he stays where he belongs.

We can reclaim our lives. We can move forward with our trauma. We can continue to survive this. He does not get to win. I stand in solidarity with all of his victims and I will take the stand to testify against his character if need be.

It is possible to manage the anxiety that he created in us. What happened to us happened. What we feel is absolutely valid. Nobody, not one single person can take that from us. I am walking forward with the acceptance that he did what he did to us.

If you can find the strength to walk with me, I will not back down. We can unify to have our voices heard. Male or female. He does not get to win. We do.