The Activision Blizzard Harassment lawsuit is exactly why the #CodeOfEthics and #CodeOfConduct are necessary for #organizations. Beyond organization liability, there is a social liability at stake. Liability is defined by Oxford Languages as, “a person or thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.” It is important for all people to feel a sense of psychological safety for health, happiness, and liberty.

A sense of safety and security is necessary for all people of socioeconomic groups in every community so we can strive for equity and life longevity to bring our whole selves to work.

I am of the mindset that bromances are healthy and normal cultural relationships. What is toxic, is the bro culture where people are objectified, vilified, and disenfranchised from having a safe space to participate.

I avoided the #gaming industry because the toxic behavior that often dominates certain circles perpetuates abusive and non-inclusive ideologies that permeate into social and #professional communities.

#ToxicMasculinity is often encouraged at the expense of community members that are embracing a different mindset to elevate people that identify as females into equity, diversity, and inclusion. The culture presumes that the habitual practice of toxicity and objectification is what defines male masculinity and this is brought into our #workforce spaces.

The bro culture is a violation of the System Administrator’s code of conduct as well as several ethical codes in professional titles. The bro culture is a social and psychological liability to everyone’s sense of liberty and happiness in all communities so they feel safe to bring their healthy whole selves to work.