Locking Virtual Reality (#VR) development into a specific technology is hindering the embrace of VR #technology. It is creating a technology culture of exclusion.

If we desire to solve some of the current #workforce challenges, some sacrifices for monetization will need to be temporarily parked so real #innovation can include all interested contributors.

There has to be monetization to cover the cost of doing #business. That is a fact that cannot be ignored. In contrast, to encourage a different way of doing business with the challenges we have today, we may need to strongly consider what we need to sacrifice on the front end to open the general populous’ minds with what we can accomplish with VR.

Studies show that innovation is hindered by negativity. We are experiencing a tremendous amount of negativity with the current culture of divisiveness. How can we help flip the script?

I believe that we, in technology, have the skills and ability to contribute to the effort of a more inclusive culture by embracing the concept of inclusion with technology.

Excluding other technologies by deploying VR innovations that are limited to one technology is excluding other audiences that would benefit from virtual reality. Additionally, this tech exclusion for market innovations is limiting the potential talent that could be contributing with VR development.

We have an opportunity today. We have an opportunity to give the experience of Virtual Reality in a way that can benefit the way we do business. Once the script is flipped so our communities can begin to imagine possibilities, we will be able to gain profitability.

The people need hope. Give them hope. I believe that our innovations can assist with that by giving the populous the experiences they need.