20180926_185232.jpgOne of the lessons I’m learning through horses is–they know when you’re pretending. They will strip us of our pretenses and reflect the raw truth.

One of the things that have been demonstrated through horses is–it can be obvious when you know what you’re seeing, where people will lack honesty about their agendas.

It can be difficult to refrain from judgment because everyone has their wounds and challenges. Not everyone is ready to have a level of self-awareness that can address what is needed by the horse.

It has been a lesson in restraint and personal growth to observe horse behavior while listening to their owners. It can be an enlightening experience to recognize where we can make improvements in ourselves in order to be able to listen to what the horse needs.

This can happen best when we listen to ourselves first to understand what we need. Then, we show up with the horses as ourselves so we don’t lie to them about who we are to be the leader they need.