A friend was discussing a few pieces of my plans with me. I responded with, “Remember? I’m a redundancy person. My plans have redundancy paths.” That friend replied, “Your redundancies have redundancies and there are several layers.”

One of the facets I love about that friendship is, we have grown together as we learned about each other and our interests and intrigue with our embrace of ethics and values is complimentary.

“To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before.” – Unknown

Some of the things I have shared are received with fresh eyes that understand because we have similar paths that branched in different directions. The intersecting points are recognized and that is refreshing. It is a profound experience to gain validation from someone who gets it because they know my language.

Professional and business myopia can be, largely, difficult and frustrating. I believe that other leaders who are taking the responsibility to be the active participants that behave with what they say they believe, who understand the value of grit and determination–they will pave the roads of the future towards positive social contributions with what the future needs and why they need it.

Accountability: Adam Bryant
“We think about our values in pairs, and there is a tension or a balance between them. We talk about listening and leadership; accountability and generosity; humility and audacity. You’ve got to have the humility to see the world as it is–and in our world, working with poor communities, that’s not easy to do–but have the audacity to know why you are trying to make it be different, to imagine the way it could be.” – Adam Bryant

Another group of professionals commented about my tendency to refuse to give up. What has been accomplished thus far, did not happen by giving up. I am the Pitbull. I’ve learned that I have survived numerous challenges despite several circumstances. I chose poorly to dwell on the attitude of victimization and have navigated towards a change.

Those who embrace change, who revel in having their cheese moved will adapt and adjust in accordance with the changes that businesses need. The change had to begin with me and to be able to look in that mirror and accept my responsibility to be the change. Now, there is an ocean of possibilities that just came into my field of view to work towards a solution for the other changes that meets social responsibility. First, I had to understand my values and draw those boundary lines with a clear understanding of what I own and do not own.


What I do own is my actions and reactions that has everything to do with my attitude. That is a good place for me to focus. I’m happy to own that and to move forward with others who have the same introspection and determination to be the agents of change. Who moved my cheese? I did. What color is my parachute? It’s an entire rainbow of frequencies that intersect in multiple layers of cultures and sub-cultures. That is the message of some leaders who are asking us to commit to our actions so the future leaders can be the change they desire. Heard, acknowledged, and understood. Challenge accepted.