Customers are internal or external and can we say that both are considered cross-functional groups?

While in a discussion with a marketer to achieve my personal goals to understand, I begged the question, “Isn’t our audience everybody?” She stopped her presentation, “No. It is not.”

There is a desire to delve deeper into this subject with her. She is an expert in this field. Why do I care?

While sharing with someone, I expressed that it will not matter what I do or where I go my role will involve analysis. In order to understand the impacted stakeholders, I have to understand why something is important to them. Isn’t that what being a solution provider is?

Onion Diagram
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Furthermore, every project has a business plan. It is a critical document that must be compiled. That document will usually outline the values, mission, and vision of that project. Yet, nobody wants to read it. The declaration often is, “I don’t have time!”

Even if I am not in a business analyst role, I will have an understanding of how I can help business analysts with the information they will need. My customers are my colleagues within the organization and that has an external impact. Do we want to succeed? What does that look like?

Our projects in an enterprise will be scrutinized by investors. The investors do care about the figures but they also want to know more about the people. Will they be able to see the project through so they have a return on their investment? Why is marketing myopia related to this?

In anything and everything we do in business–

  • what
  • how
  • why

–we are saying what we say is important to understand. Those business plans are a part of the marketing material for the financial investors to buy into why they should care.

If we don’t understand people, we don’t understand business.” – Simon Sinek

Cognitive Bias Codex
Cognitive Bias Codex Source:

When we are writing those business documents, are we writing with our audience in mind? How sure are we with what we think we know? Some Lean Six groups have implemented a management process of “Four on the Floor.” Why was that implemented? People on the floor have often shared that these efforts are a waste of time. I begged the question, “why?””All that management speak means nothing to me. They don’t really care. They really want to justify eliminating my job.” This statement has been made throughout every organization by one or more groups. What can we do differently?

The responses to this tweet are common criticisms. I believe that Vilfredo Pareto was correct when he stated:
Are we ready to shift our choices if greatness is what we want to achieve? If it doesn’t begin with you, then who? If it doesn’t start with me, how will that impact our community?

Are you ready to hire a human command interpreter on your team?

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