“Chris, you don’t go to work. You go to play,” has been a common declaration from my friends over the years. My career has been built on a foundation of a natural born curiosity to participate in groups with a desire to contribute in a way that has meaning.

Several studies and articles have articulated that Millennials prefer careers that have a purpose. College was the opportunity to engage them and to ask them questions so I would understand their intrinsic desires. Additionally, as a result of several seasoned workers returning to college, it was a unique experience to interface with multifaceted social groups to have conversations of what they were hoping for.

Socrates is quoted:

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Change is difficult for several yet change is a normal life-cycle if we desire to progress. Technology is in a continual process of change. Should we recreate the wheel? Sometimes we will need to build something from scratch. It depends on the requirements based on what we have analyzed for business needs. Sometimes something already functions in the way that we need it to so changing it does not seem to make sense. Is that last statement true?

It depends on what we are trying to accomplish. Time, money, and resources are always a struggle to balance while we seek ways to streamline how we communicate so we can share knowledge, teach new methods and cross-train how we can rise to the new tasks because of implemented initiatives.

This is my playground and the world of technology is my oyster. Exploring the new while incorporating the old that may help cut cost and waste is where I find community satisfaction. It involves engaging various groups who do different things and listening to what they need. Sometimes, we can redesign the wheel combining the old with the new.

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