During my Electronic Health Records (#EHR) course, Meaningful Use was briefly touched on. I wanted to delve deeper into the subject. “That’s out of the scope of this course. That will be addressed in your Bachelor program.” 

I’ve watched videos, read about it, I watch Health Informatics Information Technology (#HIIT) professionals discuss this subject and I feel so ignorant. It’s not enough but, the order of priority for my household needs has a precedence.

I look behind me and think, “Man, I could have been almost done by now.” Then I wonder if I had chosen to go the route of doing it anyway, would I have learned anything by rushing through the goal of getting a Bachelors? It depends on who I go through and I’m not confident that a year track would create the experience of learning what I desire. Experience. That is what is most important to me.

So I take the concept of #meaningfuluse into a relative but different path. To have meaningful use as a participant means that I must be willing to improve my quality, safety, and efficiency while being engaging with my roles and responsibilities. To manage and strive for better outcomes for the overall population improvement. To empower individuals so we have robust information technology that does provide ideal end-user experiences with best-in-class products.