Marginalization is often fraught with assumptions. We assume that we’re right unless we have evidence to prove that we’re wrong. Isn’t that backward? It said that bumblebees can fly because nobody tells them that they can’t so they do not have that inner dialog with the voices of those who told them that it was impossible for them to fly so those excuses are not a part of their life. Why would we believe anyone who assumes that they know what we cannot do? We have to believe in ourselves and be willing to ask ourselves, “What if…?” and just do.

Edison is quoted to have said that he found 10000 ways that won’t work. Eventually, he stole the idea from someone else because that person was willing to share. Was Edison really a friend? Yet, there is a certain level of respect with the fact that he did admit that he’s made so many mistakes in his quest. I wonder how many times Nick Vujicic has fallen with his effort to try? Would you have tried to swim if you lost your arms and legs?

I believe that we are capable of so much more but we have to choose to do things differently and to choose to refuse to be harmful with our behavior and pick the path to be helpful. I believe that this mindfulness begins with our inner dialog. To be willing to ask ourselves whether the next thought is harming us or helping us. Only then can we understand how to help others by understanding what they need because we understand what we need.