How many times have you been looking for something specific in a company website but couldn’t find it? Are you trying to find information on a company website and having trouble finding it? People have commented that they don’t know how I am able to find information so quickly. This is to help you with the process to find what you are looking for without spending a lot of time browsing their site.

The steps I start with are:

  1. What is my question?
    • Asking the right question is vital to this because your search resultĀ can be very different because of the question.
    • Make a list of your questions. This will make it faster to find what you are looking for.
  2. What are the different terms that I can use to enhance or narrow down my search?
    • It helps to have a list of synonyms or similar phrases. If you do not know what the synonyms might be, use as a tool to help you think about those words.
    • If you still have difficulty figuring out what something is called, use your networking resources who are in the industry and ask them if there is another term that you could be using to search.
  3. Start Googling for what you are looking for based on the first two steps above and then follow the steps in this video.

Practice makes perfect. Studies show that we master skills faster when we are having fun. Have fun with the process and challenge yourself to see what else you can look for using this method. What can you do to make it faster? What can you do to improve the process for yourself? Are there any additional ways to search Google that can power up your search process? There are other methods to search for things in Google that have not been addressed in this video. That will be posted another day.