College life for several seasoned workers who are choosing to retool as a result of work life changes can be an overwhelming experience with managing their schedule, keeping track of FSFA requirements, while trying to keep up with the rigorous assignment deadlines that have to be met. OneStopEDU

According to a study published on 12/07/2016 by the International Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development group (, their results indicate that almost 70% of the US populous aged 16-65 have computer literacy skills that are below the necessary job-related technology competency that is required for the workforce.
Eric Ravenscraft. “This Chart Shows How Computer Literate Most People Are.” 12/07/16.

Too often, as seasoned technology professionals, we can fail to understand or forget that our customer audience may not have the same end user skills that we do. Because we dwell in the binary world, our reference points for the solutions we offer include several misplaced assumptions.

While going through the college journey, several students privately disclosed that they had very little computer experience. In fact, several indicated that they were computer challenged and trying to remember all of the passwords for the vital sites that were crucial for their educational success was daunting. OneStopEDU_av

As a cohort, it became a goal to find a simple method for these community members to gain easy access to all of their resources for their academic success. Enter, Academic OneStop.

This project was done on a case-by-case volunteer basis as other students noticed the web interface I created for myself to keep things organized on a single site. After creating several intranets for various startups using Google Apps for Business so they could streamline their daily processes in one stop, it was an opportune moment to help budding students discover what collaboration can be.